Raw Poppy seed & Beeswax Tallow Soap (Unscented)


To be environmentally conscious , this item will not be shipped or packed. It is only available in the Sault Ste. Marie area for pickup or local delivery.

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Tallow soap is soap made from animal fat. This method is considered nature’s first and some say best, natural skin care product. Using the fewest ingredients as humanly possible, the skin’s natural balance is not interrupted. Other soaps and products strip your skin of moisture and other necessary components. This soap enhances and gives back. The soap remains unscented because too many fragrance producers are questionable. Adding fragrance creates more waste, which is also why there is no packaging made for this soap. It is sold locally in paper bags. This product is made to make something usable out of waste.

  • Eco-friendly and prevents waste by using recycled ingredients. The majority of each bar and base ingredient is animal fat leftover from cooking processes.
  • Made in small batches and produced with care.
  • Each bar is approx. 3 oz. or 90 grams.
  • Made only with animal fat, lye, water, beeswax and poppy seeds.
  • The beeswax helps made each bar last three to four times longer than most other brands of bar soap.
  • The poppy seeds aid in exfoliation.

NOTE: Because this product contains lye, it may irritate children and the eyes. A very mild children’s soap is recommended for children always.

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